Video games have been my passion for many years now. I enjoy playing them, making them or just watching people play them. For now, I am in my final years as a Computer Science student and I have been learning how to create games for the past 3+ years, mostly using Unity 3D. I have experimented a lot with pretty much every aspect of game development, from programming and design to art and audio, trying to have a basic understanding of the process of making a game.

 I enjoy creating and trying out new things to learn from them and improve myself. While my main role is programming, I enjoy dwelling in other areas and learn as much as I can from them, in order to be more agile and to be able to communicate better with professionals of other fields.

 This website serves the purpose of demonstrating my latest projects, as well as to keep track of my journey through video game development. In the meantime, I’m posting blog posts to share some of my knowledge with others and to give something back to the community. The blog also works as an archive for my experiments and as a motivation to try new things in order to share them.